Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Just when I thought it was possible to be so over traveling and airports, I flew into LAX from Monterey.  Let me just start by saying that it seems like I’m having a gold star airport day.  It started with a fantastically cheery and down home American cab driver who took me in the middle of Monterey’s worst storm to its tiny little airport.  He knew at a glance whether my flight was going to go despite the weather, that it was on time and directed me straight to the check in counter.  Monterey Penninsula Airport at 5am is like a sleepy little community waking up where everyone knows each other and where they just can’t believe you are going to fly all the way to Nairobi from Monterey :-) 

The flight to LA only gets better as I watch the sun rise over a stunning cloud city.  It was like it was getting me ready for the descent over and into one of the most awesome cities on earth.  Whether you love or hate LA, you have to admit it is impressive and stunning because of its size and because of the beautiful complexity of its highways, roads and neighbourhoods.  Just when I was recovering from the spectacle of the LA landscape, we landed in an entirely new sub-city called LAX.  This place is insane with its own road system, sub sub cities and buses giving way for planes which cross within what seems like just meters of you.  Is it possible to be in love with a giant monstrosity of an airport, hmmmm airport love, I think my crush just moved from Dubai to the City of Angels.

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