Friday, January 31, 2014

Love a REAL Nature Girl

I’m sorry, what was it that made Love a Nature Girl,   kind of all emotional and sort of pansy like compared to the whole love a nature guy,,  who was raw and sexy and in touch with the planet. I arrogantly consider myself a REAL nature girl and happen to think it’s soooo much more than granola, flowers, alters, words, sweetness and music.

Being a REAL nature girl means I’m brave and courageous and willing to put my skis on when it’s snowing like hell and no one else is out there, just because I believe in the possibility of afternoon sunshine, knowing I could be rewarded with empty slopes, pristine powder and heart stopping views.

Big waves? Hell yeah I’m scared but it’s what keeps me alive. No fins, no board, just me and the ocean and let’s see what happens If nature guy happens to be there, awesome, but if not I’m still surfing my heart out and coming out of the ocean feeling more alive than I’ve ever felt, skin tingling, hair crusted in salt, breath panting, with a grin as wide as my face.

Want to be alone? REAL nature girls have no problem with this. Un-phased by hours and hours of hiking alone in the mountains, silence, danger, steep cliffs, slippery paths, marmots, sheer ecstasy in being so at one with nature, so completely self sufficient. The power of independence keeps us psyched and feeling super sexy.  We don’t need you nature guy, but we do want you J

REAL nature girls do yoga. But not yoga with the masses, in the studios, same classes, same time every week. Our yoga is nature. When our friends call to see if we’re coming to the studio on a Sunday morning, we’ve already taken our mat down to the lake at sunrise and soaked up the first rays, letting the horizon feed our soul, drawing in the freshest of morning air, reaching our fingers and toes to the trees, the sky, the sun and the stars. And when we’ve practiced our heart out, we sit, we contemplate and we bask in the joy of life in this very moment.

So yes we like granola, flowers, alters, words, sweetness and music but here’s my shout out to REAL nature girls who’s priority is not just the emotional aspects of nature but the raw, crazy, scary, active life of someone who cannot live without the absolute connection to the elements. I cannot live a day without gazing at the sky, staring at the stars, breathing the atmosphere or running my hands through the earth whether it be snow, salt or sand. It is what makes me human, what keeps me alive and makes me the best version of me. If Nature Guy wants to share it with me then bring it on. I can’t promise I’ll always be your girlfriend but I promise I’ll always be your REAL nature girl.

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