Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snow and stillness

This weekend I planned to get in a little skiing before the Christmas chalet ski week. There's definitely no shortage of snow, in fact there's so much snow that I find myself in Grimentz instead of Zinal due to road closures. Ok by me to enjoy this old and beautifully picturesque Swiss mountain village. So with the ski pistes closed because of avalanche risk I find myself snowed in and forced into relaxation - and I'm glad for it. But the question turning itself over in my mind is why do I need mother nature to force me into stillness? Surely I can choose to relax and be still every day of my life, so why don't I? Ultimately it's about giving myself permission to relax and do nothing without seeing it as a waste of time, worrying about a never ending list to be ticked off. This weekend the snow has brought with it more than avalanches and muted ancient village streets. The blizzards of Val d'Anniviers have given me a weekend of rest and reflection and the opportunity to permit myself some stillness and breathing space. I confess it feels pretty good.......but I still hope for a good ski day tomorrow :-)

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